This New Wristband Actually Tracks What You Eat

It wasn't so long ago that the idea of wearable technology merely conjured up an image of a regular old wristwatch. Times have changed, however. Smart watches, smart glasses and, uh, smart other things are now all the rage. Here's a smart wristband that can actually tell what you are eating as you eat it. Technology!

It's called the AIRO and it works by analyzing minute spikes in your heart rate along with sensing the amount of light that passes through your blood. It's packed with infrared sensors. Different types of calories react to the sensors in unique ways. The result? It can shame you when you've just downed an entire order of disco fries.

In addition to all of this food tracking, the AIRO also keeps an eye on your sleep, physical activity and stress level. All of this tech sound too good to be true? It is, for now. The unit is not expected to be on store shelves until fall of 2014.

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