Today in Food Tech: Digital Cutting Board and Fast Beer Chiller

The friendship between food and technology is one for the ages. It's like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid but with more hamburgers. I like to keep track of the coolest, and weirdest, kitchen gadgets that are coming down the pike and then chronicle them here so we can all bask in the warm, motherly glow of technology. Here are two now.

The cutting board, aka a piece of wood, hasn't changed since cavemen were making their famous saber-tooth tiger stir fry. It's about time it got a tech-heavy makeover. Introducing Sharp's Chop Syc cutting board. It comes packed with Wi-Fi to help you along with recipes as you chop. It's essentially a tablet built into a wooden board. Pretty cool right? It's only a prototype for now, unfortunately.


Next, a speedy way to cool down your brewskis. The Spin Chill beer chiller could be the fastest way of all time to get your mugs frosty. It spins your beer until it's as cold as you'd like, which should take under a minute. The designers have put their marvelous idea up on Kickstarter where you can plunk down some preorders. Watch the video after the jump.

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