Go Ahead, Dress Like Food, or Five Easy DIY Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

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Photo by: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Shane Redsar, Shane Redsar

Are we just getting curmudgeonly in our old age or are Halloween costumes not the creative, fun, homemade awesomeness that they used to be? Gone are the easy costumes from our childhood that were cobbled together from what we already had in our home; instead, costumes have become trendy, expensive, mundane getups that make up for what they lack in creativity with an overabundance of bared skin. Put it away, autumn exhibitionists.

So in the name of DIY Halloween costumes everywhere, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite Halloween costumes that are both cheap and easy to put together, and that will announce to the world (and the Halloween party that you’re at) that you’re a foodie.

Box of Raisins

A cardboard box, some careful lettering and a bonnet are all that’s needed for this cute costume. We love that it’s a simple but super iconic image, so everyone will automatically know what you’re dressed as.

Which brings us to ...


It’s possible that this fun bunch of grapes made it to this list solely because of Georgia’s failed attempt at this costume as a child, and the resulting embarrassment that came along with it. But it’s also a cheap, clever costume that’s sure to get a chuckle from your friends.

Author’s note: Take care not to have all the balloons pop by the time you reach the party, leaving you in a purple sweatsuit with a green painted face and deflated balloons taped to your body and nobody having a clue what you’re supposed to be dressed as.

Outfit Made of Cheese Slices

The website where we found this image lists it in their “Top 10 Worst Halloween Food Costumes,” but we think they’re out of their minds. Look how cute that dress is! Look at this snazzy vest! And is that necklace made of cheese balls??! We fully support these costumes, but we also fully support you leaving the plastic wrapper on the cheese, lest you start to stink like processed, faux fromage once the party heats up.

 Hershey’s Kiss

You can either go one of two ways with this costume; you can make the super complicated, multistep version available on the website, or you can slap some tinfoil on yourself and write “Hershey’s Kiss” on a strip of toilet paper and tape it to your head. Either way, you’re gonna have a pretty rad costume.

Box of Sweethearts

Another cute cardboard-box costume, this one requiring some paint and some Styrofoam hearts. The website where we found this has very complicated instructions, but we bet you can half-a$! it and still come out with a legit costume.


Guy Fieri

C’mon. We dare you.

Well, guys, what have we learned today?

1. You don’t have to dress like a “slutty [blank]” to enjoy Halloween, nor do you have to spend a lot of money on your costume.

2. Homemade costumes are a little jenky-looking.

3. Always bring extra purple balloons.

So, what are you gonna be for Halloween?

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