Today in Food Tech - A Smartphone Tea Kettle and More

Let's face it: Food and technology are totes besties. They go to parties together, laugh at jokes together and shamefully eat Cinnabon together. Every day new gadgets are announced that strengthen that friendship, and make navigating your kitchen easier to boot. This morning we bring you two of them.

First up, a simple and ingenious way to have your cake and eat it too. Meet Nibble, a cake pan with an extra muffin-sized slot so you can taste the end result without putting a dent in the main attraction. (This is also useful if you are in the mood for just one cupcake.) It's available right now for around $25.

Next, an everday appliance is revamped for the digital age.  The iKettle lets you boil water for tea from any room in the house at the push of a smartphone button. It will also send you wake-up texts asking if you'd like water to be boiled for your morning refreshment — which means the sound of a whistling kettle can act as your snooze button. You can get one for around $160.


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