A Gadget That Makes Your iPhone Smell Like Meat

Sometimes it is just not feasible to expect a proper steak dinner. If you are on the road, for instance, or if you have been crippled by the economy. Now, thanks to a strange gadget, we can at least smell the wafting aromas of freshly cooked meat even when there is no hope to actually chomp down on some.

It's called the Hana Yakiniku, which quite literally translates to "nose grilled meat." This ingenious little device hooks up to your iPad or iPhone and calls up three delicious aromas for your schnoz to gawk at.  The, uh, flavors include short ribs, beef tongue and, inexplicably, buttered potato.

Access to these mouth watering smells will set you back around $35, or about the price of one good steak dinner. You have to ask yourself which is better, one try at the real thing or unlimited tries at the fake thing? Choose wisely.

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