Hump Day Snack: 9-Ton Chocolate Mayan Temple

By: Amanda Marsteller

Nine tons of chocolate is considerably larger than your average "snack," but since we're officially in October now (arguably the greatest month of the year for overindulging in chocolate treats), it's only fair that we start off with a bang. Enter in the massive confectionary feat that is this ancient Mayan temple crafted completely out of chocolate. Developed for a specialty foods company's 30th anniversary, the mammoth dessert is an exact replica of a Mayan pyramid, and pays homage to the role that the Mayan culture played in the origins of chocolate. Weighing over 18,000 pounds and topping out at six feet in height, the entirely edible artwork easily surpassed the previous record for the world's largest chocolate sculpture. Consider this a heads up to start assembling a team of pastry chefs who can temper chocolate around the clock so that you can display a similarly sweet masterpiece on your doorstep by the time trick-or-treaters come calling. For a closer look at the delicious architectural details, click here.

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