Hump Day Snack: Dried Fruit Rings

By: Amanda Marsteller

Need a fresh idea for Halloween party favors or for filling trick-or-treat bags? Go get yourself a dehydrator and start churning out edible jewelry like the citrus-bedazzled beauty above. The fruity gems are the brainchild of an American jewelry designer who dabbled with dried slices of plums, kiwis, apples and beets arranged in decorative patterns over silver rings. The fruit is still completely edible and ideal for those moments when you’re stuck in traffic/on the subway without a snack handy. Plus, the rings are certainly a classy step above the sugar-spiked ring pops and candy necklaces from childhood, although they probably have greater appeal for adults than costumed toddlers. To check out the full collection of fruit-based baubles, click here.

And for more ways to use up that pantry full of dried fruit, check out these Cooking Channel recipes:

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