Los Angeles Shocks the World With Toilet-Themed Restaurant

How many similarly-themed restaurants must exist in order to constitute a trend? If it's two, we may just have a bona fide 'movement' on our hands. I've already written about Taiwan's entry into the burgeoning field of bathroom-themed eateries. Where there's a number one, there usually follows a number two. Now Los Angeles has followed suit with their own poopy-based cafe.

The Magic Restroom Cafe, located in America's entertainment capitol, features seats that are shaped like toilets. The food also comes in toilet-shaped bowls. They also have something on the menu called, sigh, "bloody number two." Don't worry. It's just a vanilla and strawberry sundae. In other words, this restaurant is classy!

Oh, you want even more gross menu items? They also have "black poop" AKA chocolate ice cream, "smells-like-poop" AKA braised pork over rice and "golden poop" AKA rice curry. Did I fail to mention how classy this place is?

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