New Web Service Delivers Gourmet Food From Around the Country

If you spend a lot of time reading food blogs, which of course you do, you tend to encounter the same culinary luminaries over and over again. Places like Katz's Deli, LaFrieda Meats, Lou Malnati's Pizza and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream are veritable institutions in the cities they service. The obvious downside? You'd have to travel the country ten times over in order to experience every great taste that's out there. Cue jealous rage.

However, thanks to a new web service called Goldbely, that's no longer the case. This site works as a sort of Groupon for nationally renowned food brands. You want a pastrami sandwich from Katz's delivered to your door? They can do that. You want some authentic cheesesteak sandwiches from Campo's in Philly? They can do that too. All of the grub is packed securely in dry ice and, astoundingly, arrives completely intact. Technology!

This is the perfect opportunity for all of you shut-ins out there to taste some of the most blogged about food on the net. They do say, after all, that Chicago-style pizza has been known to instantly cure social anxiety in just one bite.

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