Finally, a Robot Bartender That Remembers Your Favorite Drinks

After a long day of grueling, thankless labor, it's nice to go home to a stiff drink (or four.) However, pouring and mixing libations is its own form of thankless labor. If only we had robots that could do all of that drink-making for us. Well, it turns out — we do.

Introducing Monsieur, your very own robot bartender. It makes just about any drink on record, and it even learns your moods and concocts spirits accordingly. Pretty cool, right? That's not all. It also tracks you on GPS and knows when you are getting close to home, thus having a drink at the ready when you walk through that door.

Of course, becoming an early advocate of all-powerful sentient machines doesn't come cheap. The prices on these models range from $1,499 to $2,699. Oh, well. You can always just ask a friend to dress like a robot and make some cocktails for you.

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