Texas State Fair Deep Fries Entire Thanksgiving Dinner

It's a fact of science that Thanksgiving offers up the best food ever. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised people don't eat a giant turkey with all of the fixings on any random Thursday. However, your average Thanksgiving meal isn't perfect. It's decidedly low on deep-fried goodies. Some people submerge the bird in hot oil, but aside from green bean casserole onions, the rest of the meal gets excluded. Don't worry. The Texas State Fair has got your arteries covered.

Some industrious foodies at the fair came up with the rather ingenious Fried Thanksgiving Dinner. It's essentially an entire holiday meal, mushed into a ball and then deep-fried. What's inside this ball of doughy goodness? It has stuffing, turkey and creamed corn and comes with gravy and cranberry sauce for dipping. Uh, yes please.

Despite the disturbing lack of mashed potatoes, the deep-fried creation still won the fair's coveted "Big Tex" award for most creative dish. Great work guys. Now get cracking on Christmas dinner.

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