World's Strongest Beer Clocks in at a Whopping 67.5% ABV

Even though it gets us drunk, beer can be a surprisingly refreshing beverage. There's a reason, after all, so many people reach for one at the end of a hard day of labor. However, the alcohol content in a bottle of beer fluctuates wildly throughout the world, making some bottles absolutely devoid of refreshment. Here is a brew that has so much alcohol, that it could potentially make you hurl after just one sip.

Introducing Snake Venom beer, by Scottish brewery Brewmeister. Just how much alcohol do these bad boys have? Hold on to your drunken hats, Snake Venom clocks in at an alarming (and dangerous) 67.5% ABV. To put this in perspective, an average whiskey contains 40 to 50% ABV. This is a beer to be savored.

You can hop (and barley) on the Internet and order some for yourself, if you are the adventurous sort. One bottle will set you back around $81.

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