The $500 Milkshake

Kelsey's winter-appropriate Egg Nog Milkshake only costs as much as ice cream, gingersnap cookies and leftover egg nog.

Sure, it's not exactly the season for frozen desserts, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a decadent milkshake or three. There is just something so perfect about the union between milk and ice cream, blended to perfection. It doesn't really need anything else. That doesn't stop people from trying to improve this age-old treat. Here is one of the more ridiculous attempts.

The Powder Room, a brand new cocktail bar in Los Angeles, has just unveiled an ingredient-laden milkshake that will set your wallet back a cool five hundred bucks. What could possibly be in this thing to justify such an exorbitant expense? Let's see. It contains Belgian chocolate, edible gold leaf and, of course, a ring made from Swarovski crystals(!?) One would assume it also contains milk and ice cream.

If you ever strike it rich and really want to rub it in the faces of the peons you used to be forced to hang out with, this is the perfect milkshake for you. I'll stick with the make-at-home variety, however.

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