Get Your Creepy Caffeine On At These Cemetery Cafes

Life, like a 24-pack of French bread pizza, is bound to run out sooner or later. When that happens, our bodies are usually shuffled to the nearest cemetery for a spot of the old eternal slumber. Now you can gaze upon these slumberers as you eat tasty treats. What fun!

Cemetery cafes have been popping up all over Berlin lately. It's a bona-fide trend. Café Strauss, for instance, overlooks a set of headstones and family tombs. Plus, they serve a mighty fine Turkish coffee. These cafes have attracted not only curious tourists and onlookers, but also the families and friends of the recently deceased.

There is no word if this trend will ever make it outside of Germany, but I'll let you know if it does. In the meantime, you can always drink your coffee while watching cemetery scenes from movies.


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