Here's Some Cheese Made From Armpits and Feet

Sometimes humanity's need to push the envelope gives us amazing new inventions, like the iPhone and bacon-scented air freshener. Other times, however, we end up with cheese quite literally made from armpits and feet. This is one of those times.

Two artists named Christina Agapakis and Sissel Tolaas decided to push the boundaries of good taste and create cheese made from armpit and foot bacteria. They grew the cheese in the usual way and then formed into two huge cheese wheels, which are on display at the  Grow Your Own... Life After Nature exhibit in Dublin.

There has been no word issued as to the taste of these cheesy armpit wheels, nor has anyone announced if patrons would even be allowed to try them out. I imagine they have the buoyancy of a fine Gruyere with the toothsome aroma of that sweaty spot between your toes. Yum.

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