This Beer Tastes Like Fermented Garlic and Dumplings

Beer has come a long way since the days of bearded warriors clinking together chalices of mead. Nearly every day someone, somewhere is trying some new twist on the tried and true formula. We've already seen beer made with tons of alcohol, beer made from moon dust and even, uh, elephant poop. Here is a brew created from fermented garlic.

Aomori Garlic Black Beer, which was created by Japanese brewmaster Shoji Kudo, has the unmistakable flavor of fermented garlic. That's because one of the key ingredients is pungent black garlic extract. What does this taste like? If you said garlic, you get a cookie. However, it's also said to taste like a bowl of Japanese dumplings. You can get your dinner and beverage all in one glass!

For now, this aromatic ale is only available in Japan at a price of around $6 a bottle. Maybe we can just shove a few cloves of garlic in a bottle of Bud and see if that does the trick.

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