Finally, You Will Soon Be Able to Taste the Internet

Here at the Cooking Channel we pride ourselves on being an easy and fun way for you to learn how to whip up delicious grub. However, there has always been that bland, tasteless elephant in the room of televised cooking programming. You can't taste the food. No matter how good a lasagna looks on TV, it's still just a lonely image being projected via a satellite that nobody can ever, ever chomp down on. Never say ever, ever.

Scientists at the University of Singapore are working on something called the Digital Taste Interface. This amazing gadget could quite literally let you taste through the screen, using the magic of electrodes and thermal manipulation to pull a fast one on your taste buds. All food, at their core, are just a combination of sweet, salty, sour and bitter (and, sure, sometimes umami.) This device arranges these flavor components to match a particular dish.

But what is that you say? Food is nothing without the wafting aroma that goes with it? True, but they are working on that as well. The goal is to be able to faithfully recreate the tasting experience, only in front of your computer and television.

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