Finally, Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Exists

Scientists long ago proved that ice cream is one of the best foods that has ever existed. You can make milkshakes out of it. You can put strawberries on top of it to fool yourself into thinking it's healthy. You know what you can't do with it? Stare at a heaping bowl of it with the lights off. For all of its merits, ice cream does not glow. Well, don't be so sure.

Charlie Francis, founder of the Lick Me I'm Delicious ice cream company, has created an ice cream that glows. The secret is calcium activated proteins. In short, the ice cream glows when you lick it. If you have safety concerns, the creator says he isn't glowing (for now.) That's comforting.

If you want to try this illuminated treat for yourself, you'll have to travel to England and cough up $225 for a single scoop.


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