KFC Japan Goes KFF with Kentucky Fried Fish

In the fast food world there are several immutable truths. Taco Bell can create an almost limitless collection of menu items without actually adding any new ingredients, Papa John's comes with that pepper nobody eats and KFC specializes in, well, chicken. That may be inexplicably changing.

KFC Japan is turning the world upside down and introducing Kentucky Fried, uh, Fish. Word on the streets is that the batter is extra crispy and reminds some of the fish from Britain's fish and chips. They even have tartar sauce. How cute! Just try not to remember that Kentucky is completely landlocked and probably hasn't seen a fish since Pangaea was around.

The fish is available now if you happen to in the land of the rising sun. If not, maybe you can wear a Colonel Sanders costume and head to your nearest Arthur Treacher's.


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