Here's a Machine that Roasts, Grinds and Brews Your Coffee

Coffee is the best. In the United States alone, over 100 millions cups of the good stuff are downed each and every day. It's easy to see why. Coffee tastes great and gets us hyped up. What's not to like, besides the soul crushing come down? Well, making a fresh cup at home can get pricey. You need so many gadgets! It can get annoying. Here is a single java-based gadget that does the work of three.

Bonaverde has just unveiled the world's first roast-grind-brew coffee machine. This doodad turns raw green beans into a delicious cup of Joe all by its lonesome. It roasts the beans. It grinds the beans. It brews the beans. It does not, however, shape the brewed beans into a cute flower design. You are on your own there.

The company has already put the machine on Kickstarter and blew through their fundraising goal. You still have time to preorder one.  The asking price? A hefty $300. Hey, that's like 15 French presses.

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