Here is a Cool Dessert Made to Resemble a Potted Plant

Winter is in the air. Leaves are giving up the ghost and their parent trees will soon resemble bare, sad skeletons. What to do when that happens? Pretend it's spring again by eating desserts that resemble the full bloom of April, of course.

New York City's Spot Dessert Bar has just the ticket for those of you dreading snow season. Their new Harvest dessert comes served to you as a life-size potted plant. What's it consist of? The plant is actually a mint stem and the soil is cocoa cookie crumble. Underneath the soil you'll find a red berry shortcake, which is paired with dark red raspberry sorbet and black rose tea-flavored anglaise sauce. It's basically spring in a pot.

This dessert is available now and it costs $8.95, which seems pretty seasonable for something that has anything with the word "anglaise" in it.

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