These Crunchy Snacks Were Made to Fight Hangovers

Being drunk is awesome. Being hungover is decidedly not awesome. All of that gosh darned nausea. All of that pleading and praying to your maker. Since the dawn of drunk time there have been people claiming to have the cure for the common hangover. These "solutions" almost never work and yet we delude ourselves into thinking the next one we try will. On that note, maybe this is the one!

Introducing Ukoon, the Japanese corn snack that purportedly cures hangovers. That's right. It's a crunchy corn snack, not unlike the world famous Cheeto. The secret lies in a key ingredient called Ukon powder, which is essentially the active ingredient of turmeric. Turmeric is rumored to obliterate hangovers with extreme prejudice, thus this crunchy snack. It's only going on sale in Japan for now, so you'll have to stick to some of the other alleged hangover cures.

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