This Food Scanner Counts Calories in Real Time

I think we all can agree that eating rules. However, sometimes it's tough to figure out just how much to eat. Sure, packages have serving sizes, but has anyone in the history of mankind ever eaten just a single "serving" of spaghetti? Now, thanks to the sorcery known as technology, you can track exactly how much shame you are about to shove down your gullet.

Introducing TellSpec, a food scanner that can do just that. It uses something called a raman spectrometer to analyze whatever is resting on your plate. It shoots info back to your smartphone so you can see how many calories are there, what kind of food allergies might be present and even if the grub contains pesticides in trace amounts. Magic!

This astounding device isn't available on store shelves yet, but you can pre-order one for $199 by heading to their crowdfunding site. However, if you eat a lot of spaghetti, like I do, you may want to avoid this whole enterprise entirely. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

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