Tokyo Cafe Offers Tasty Treats and Calming Naps

The act of eating our weight in food sure is fun. Afterwards, though? Not so fun. There is the requisite shame, self loathing and promise never to eat again. There is also pure, unadulterated sleepiness. The fatigue gets so bad that you could fall asleep right at your table. You can't do that though, right? Don't be so sure, sleepyhead.

Tokyo now plays home to a place called The Nap Cafe Corne, named as such because it allows patrons to take naps after eating. Each customer gets their own private area to nosh and nap. The cafe offers sandwiches and snacks for the chomp and curtains, beds and pillows for the snooze. It's a perfect set up.

This perfect set up, however, is for ladies only. Boys aren't allowed at this nap cafe. Us guys will have to do it the old fashioned way, by inhaling a triple cheeseburger combo meal and passing out in a used Dodge Dart.


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