Trend Alert: Owl Cafes Are Now a Thing in Japan

When you think of the people that hang out at your local coffee shop, it's easy to picture a snooty barista, a guy flyering for his band or, heck, even a cute cat. You don't, however, usually think of a bunch of owls. Japan has slowly and steadily been trying to change this assumption. The country now features almost a dozen "owl cafes."

The owl cafe is, more or less, like any other cafe. You eat; you drink; you chat. The only difference is the abundance of wise and gentle owls. These cafes are quite literally filled with the beasts. Some of these establishments even let you hold the birds as you sip your latte. Others, however, are more strict with how much hands-on time is allowed. Of course, most of these places serve owl-themed food and drinks. Cool!

So far, no western cafe has stepped up to the challenge of filling their space with a bunch of owls. I'll let you know when one does.

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