Turkey Ice Cream Exists Because, Well, Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is about to rear its cranberry-soaked head and welcome us to the world of wonderful carbs and not-so-wonderful family arguments about Obamacare. The one debate you'll be able to bypass this year is which is superior: the main course or dessert. Because now, thanks to the magic of something called "turkey juice," you can do dessert and dinner at the same exact time.

Portland's Salt & Straw has just unveiled their Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey ice cream. This concoction will get you plenty of tryptophan, as it's made from turkey-skin brittle, the aforementioned turkey juice and really weird ingredients like caramel and milk. This isn't their only Thanksgiving-themed ice cream. The scoop shop is also offering flavors based on stuffing and mincemeat pie.

These wacky varieties will be available until the end of the month. And even if you don't live near Portland you can get in on some turkey juice: Items from Salt & Straw can be ordered online.

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