Here's an Ultra-Gourmet TV Dinner That Costs $500

It used to be that TV dinners were all the rage. Those flat, semi-edible trays of Salisbury steak and weird brownie were in every freezer across this great land of ours. Everyone still noshes in front of a TV. That much hasn't changed. However, the once ubiquitous TV dinner has fallen by the way side. One man seeks to bring it back, by way of Cornish lobster and expensive champagne.

UK Chef Charlie Bigham has designed a new kind of TV dinner which he calls a "luxury meal." It still comes on a tray. It's still meant to be eaten in front of a television. It, however, does not contain hot apple goo and rubber chicken. His meal contains the aforementioned Cornish lobster, fish poached in Dom Perignon champagne, gold (really,) caviar, truffles and oysters. What, no diamond-encrusted dingo birds?

All of this gourmet grub comes at a price, though. You can order one of these fancy dinners for around -- wait for it -- five hundred bucks. Yowza!

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