This Burger Features an Actual Deep-Fried Beer Patty

Burgers and beer. These two compatriots have shared a special relationship since the dawn of hops. If you are gorging on an awesome cheeseburger, you are gonna want a beer to sit along side it. Would you, though, want that beer deep-fried and on top of it?

Philadelphia's PYT is assuming you do. They've just unveiled something they call the "Beerger." This burger-beer hybrid starts simple enough, with a bun, pickles and a cheeseburger. However, the beef is then topped with a deep-fried patty of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Really. The beer is wrapped in wontons and crushed pretzels and then fried. Accordingly, you have to be over 21 to even order this thing.

This alcoholic concoction will only be available for a limited time, so if you are sick of swallowing beer without having to chew it, head on over to Philadelphia.

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