Domino's Israel Releases Vegan Pizza Pie

Make your own vegan pizza and show Domino's up.

There is an age old question that goes "is a pizza still a pizza if it doesn't have cheese?" Opinions on this vary, but to many vegans, having the opportunity to eat something even vaguely pizza-like is a bona fide treat. Many small pizza places have started serving vegan pies to accommodate these customers, however the big chains haven't followed suit. That is, until now.

Domino's Israel has just unveiled a completely vegan pie. This pseudo-healthy carbo-nanza replaces the usual mozzarella with soy cheese and is topped with these weird colored things they are calling vegetables.

If you happen to live in Israel, you can pick one up for around $20. Play a prank and order one topped with real pepperoni and real sausage. Hilarious!


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