Hangover Taxi Offers Travel, Juice and Soup

Tis the season to stay out all night drinking with friends. After all, there may or may not be work in the morning. If you, however, find yourself needing to get somewhere while your hangover hangs over you like a cartoon anvil, there is now a way. Introducing the hangover taxi.

The service is called Kab-U-To Work and is currently available in select regions of the UK. You give them a call. They pick you up, and, like a doting mommy, help you through the worst of your hangover as they ferry you to work. This doting includes headache medication, juice and a steaming bowl of Kabuto soup. The Japanese soup company is behind the whole thing, actually.

They are looking to expand beyond England, with New York City being the next likely candidate. Get those 3am shots ready, New Yorkers.


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