These Heart-Shaped Lemons Will Make Tea Time Lovely

Fruit and vegetables are cool and all, but how come they don't come in lots of cool shapes? Come on Mother Nature, get with the program! This is the future and if we can have pizzas shaped like cool stuff then, by golly, we should have fruit shaped like cool stuff too.

Auspiciously, the Mihara Citrus Fruit Company of Hiroshima, Japan has begun making lemons in the shape of hearts.* This romance-approved citrus is made by cradling the lemons in a heart-shaped mold when they are young and impressionable. Farmers in the area have reported that more than 80-percent of their stock comes out looking like a heart. The other 20-percent? They come out looking creepy, but as Meatloaf once sang "four out of five ain't bad."

Incidentally, Hiroshima is also known for producing some of the world's most delicious lemons. Delicious and cute? Sign me up!


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