Inventors of Cronut Now Have a Breakfast Cereal

One of the biggest food stories of 2013 has got to be the not-so-humble Cronut. This donut/croissant hybrid took New York City, and the world, by storm. The creator of said über pastry is NYC's Dominique Ansel Bakery. This bakery is back with another invention, this time tackling the strange world of breakfast cereal.

They are calling it Christmas Morning Cereal, although it features an auspicious lack of discarded wrapping paper and crushed dreams. The base of the cereal is clusters of puffed rice paired with  Valrhona Caramelia chocolate. There's also a marshmallow component in the form of smoked cinnamon flavored meringue puffs. Finally, the cereal features spiced hazelnut brittle for crunch.

This cereal features some fancy ingredients and your wallet will be tapped accordingly. A box of this stuff will set you back fifteen bucks. You can place a preorder on the bakery's website now.

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