Now You Can Eat Marshmallows Printed With Instagram Pictures

Instagram. The very word conjures up visions of dogs standing on things and POV shots out of the side of an airplane. Everyone has their favorite Instagram users and their favorite pictures. Now, thanks to the sublime magic of technology, you can put your money where your mouth, uh, will be.

A new service allows you to get your very favorite Instagram pictures printed on big, fluffy marshmallows. These mallows are 4cm by 4cm and come in boxes of nine, which will set you back around $16. All you have to do is sync your Instagram account with the service, which is called Boomf. Maybe that's the sound a marshmallow makes as it slowly melts into a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

It's too bad Thanksgiving has gone and come. I'd like to see some sweet potato casserole absolutely covered with selfies.

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