Stocking Stuffers for Food-Lovers

By: Kirsten Vala

The old adage “good things come in small packages” is especially true when it comes to stocking stuffers. To maximize this year’s small pleasures, here are some stocking-sized gift ideas for the food lover in your family, perfect for the…

Baking Mother:

Sometimes a few secret ingredients can make a huge difference in baked goods. Black cocoa (King Arthur Flour; $9.95) is one ingredient that packs a wallop, for the most intensely chocolaty desserts. Vanilla bean paste (King Arthur Flour; $12.95) adds flecks of vanilla to baked goods without the hassle and expense of using a real vanilla bean.

Cocktail-Loving Father:

Ice size really does matter for cocktails — bigger cubes mean less watered-down drinks. This highball ice mold (Sur la Table; $12.95) makes a glacier of an ice cube that fits perfectly into a highball glass. Dad can use it to ice down cocktails, or just tea and soda.

Globe-Trotting Sister:

For a food enthusiast who likes trying new things, fig molasses (Zingerman’s; $13) is an exciting way to fill a stocking. Molasses is so versatile, you can drizzle it on pancakes or stir it into yogurt, or you can pair it with savory dishes, like grilled meats.

Tailgating Brother:

Here’s a new solution for keeping beer iced cold all the time! Whether you’re watching your big game on the couch or tailgating at the stadium, these Chillsners (Crate and Barrel; $29.95) will work their magic. Just pop a frozen stick into your beer bottle, and it will stay icy cold.

Seafood-Loving Brother-in-Law:

A true seafood fan will surely appreciate a stocking full of squid. These little tins of Portuguese squid (Zingerman’s; $12) are unique and delicious, and can be eaten as-is or sliced up to make easy Christmas appetizers.

Kitchen Maven Grandma:

Help your resident cook stay stylish in the kitchen with this Vera Bradley apron (Vera Bradley; $34), sold in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns, like Venetian Paisley. Plus, it comes packed in a matching decorative tin, perfect for tucking into a stocking.

Gadget-Fanatic Uncle:

Have you ever wished you could pop a spigot right onto a fresh lemon and get lemon juice? The Lékué Citrus Mister (Sur la Table; $14.95) is probably the closest you’re going to get. It’s perfect for that person with every kitchen gadget.

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