This New Zealand Cafe Uses High Speed Tubes Instead of a Waitstaff

First video killed the radio star. Then the Internet killed the video star. That's just how it goes when technology keeps advancing at a rapid clip. Well, waiters and waitresses had better look out because, if the future has its way, they'll be replaced by a series of high speed tubes.

New Zealand based C1 Espresso Cafe recently set up a novel pneumatic tube delivery system for orders. It's like something out of the show Futurama, or, well, any bank. The tubes already deliver orders to the kitchen, but starting in January they will help food travel to awaiting hungry stomachs. When the system debuts, the tubes will only be used for burgers and fries so actual human beings are still needed for drinks and those moist towelette thingies.

Just how fast are these tubes? Burgers will cruise along them at a perky 87 miles per hour. Not bad, technology.

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