Today in Food Tech: 2-in-1 Chopsticks and a Slow Cooker Bag

It's a story as old as time itself. Man discovers fire. Man uses fire to make steak. Technology and food creation (and consumption) have been bosom buddies ever since the first caveman whittled a spatula out of a dinosaur bone or whatever. Here are two new tech-heavy kitchen doodads that will ensure you don't call for takeout -- for a few days at least.

First up, the chopsticks that rest together, uh, ingest together. Introducing these pairs of double helix chopsticks, created by Japanese manufacturer Nendo. They use magnets to stick together when not in use, thus ensuring you'll never lose just one in the dark recesses of your cupboard. However, now losing both at once is a bit easier.

Next, a slow cooker in a bag so you can lug around something stylish that is actually filled to the brim with stew. Here is the Wonderbag, and it is actually quite useful. You can bring it to a boil for five minutes and then shut off the power. The insulated bag does all the magic. You can get one for around $50.


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