It's Finally Happening: America Will Get a Cat Cafe

The rest of the world is filled to the whiskers with cat cafes. These cafes are similar to your garden variety coffee shop, except they have tons of awesome cats wandering around. America, however, has had to sit and admire these eateries from the sidelines, hugging a stuffed cat and pretending it was real.

No longer! San Francisco is making like the Statue of Liberty (if she were a cat) and prepping to open the country's first feline cafe. It's called KitTea (get it?) and the owners say it will be "part 'gourmet tea house' and part 'cat and human oasis.'" As such, it will offer exotic teas from around the world and exotic cats from around the neighborhood.

The cafe isn't open yet, but is planning to launch sometime this spring. Maybe they'll get a cat to tear thru the 'grand opening' ribbon with its claws.


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