Hump Day Snack: Snow Ice Cream

By: Amanda Marsteller

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As the East Coast gets walloped with yet another polar vortex tantrum this week, it seems as if there's no better time to make use of the powdery precipitation, before it's turned into grimy gray slush underfoot. In the spirit of resourcefulness and quick-fix dessert tricks, why not scoop up a few cups of fresh snow and turn it into ice cream? Granted, those living in heavily-trodden metropolitan areas might find this recipe especially unsavory, but there's no book that says a little outdoor-sourced ice cream will kill you, provided you eat it in moderation. So throw caution to the wind and send the kids out into the backyard for some freshly fallen, clean white snow (beware any snow of more unnatural hues). Mix it up with a little milk, sugar, vanilla and salt and top it off with extra sprinkles to help you forget where it came from. Use this 5-minute snow cream recipe as a guide and then spend the rest of your afternoon trying out Cooking Channel's variety of snow-speckled sweets:

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