If You Can Eat This Giant Bowl of Curry, You'll Get $1,000

Contrary to popular belief, America isn't the only country on Earth that is obsessed with food. Other lands indulge in competitive eating, buffet culture and just plain ole gluttony. After all, one of the world's most prized hot dog eaters hails from Japan and his taste for the extreme had to come from somewhere. Perhaps here is that somewhere.

A Japanese curry joint called Gold Curry has recently begun offering up a totally intense challenge. If you can down a gigantic and heavy (10 kilogram) plate of curry, you'll win a whopping $1,000. Before you start planning your trip, however, it is worth noting that 10 kilograms works out to almost 22 of our American pounds. That's right. You'll have to eat 22 pounds of curry rice in one sitting. That's like eating 60 slices of pizza.

The restaurant also offers up less extreme challenges, where the prizes equal out to a free meal or smaller cash amounts. If you are going to indulge, though, you may as well try to win that sweet $1,000. You can spend the bulk of it on hospital bills! It'll be a cool memory.

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