Japan Opens a Store That Only Sells Kit Kat Bars

There are a few American products that, for whatever reason, are even more popular in other countries. Try to get some KFC chicken in Japan on or around Christmas, for instance. It's like trying to get a Cronut. Another product that is infamously popular in Japan is the Kit Kat bar. The country has been known to create multitudes of bizarre flavors to satiate demands. Now they've finally opened a store to sell them all.

Tokyo is playing house to the world's first Kit Kat store, which opened on January 17th. The Kit Kat Chocolatory, as it is called, sells all manner of Kit Kats and is home to all kinds of seasonal and 'grown-up' flavors. Renowned pastry chef Yasumasa Takagai is tasked with coming up with these flavors, and so far he's concocted "Sublime Bitter," "Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea," and "Special Chili." Of course, more are on the way.

For now, this is world's only Kit Kat store, so if you want to taste the mystical combination of chocolate, wafer and, uh, green tea you will have to head to Tokyo.

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