Ramen Burger Creator Concocts More Ramen-Topped Sandwiches

The biggest food story of 2013 was absolutely, well, the Cronut. However, the second biggest food story of 2013 was undoubtedly the Ramen Burger. This Brooklyn-based creation is essentially a hamburger squeezed between two patties of scrunched together ramen noodles. This radical pairing was an instant success, with lines routinely stretching around the block. Now the burger's creator, Keizo Shimamoto, is back with a suite of similar sandwiches.

Shimamoto's first new concoction is the Breakfast Ramen Burger, which pairs ramen patties with eggs, cheese and sausage. Next is the Adobo Shack Ramen Burger, which slips pork belly braised in soy sauce and vinegar between the titular ramen patties. Finally, there's the Lonestar Empire Ramen Burger that throws a thick cut of brisket, pickle slices and barbecue sauce into the mix.

As with the original Ramen Burger, these sammys can only be purchased at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg. If you can't make it to Brooklyn, you could always just buy a couple packets of ramen and mix in your own scrambled eggs.


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