This Pricey Swamp Pizza Contains Frog Legs, Pork and Python

When you think hard and long about your least favorite pizza toppings, what comes to mind? For most people it's probably a combination of anchovies, pineapple and some kind of bizarre anchovy-pineapple hybrid beast.  Those people might change their minds if they knew that there is now a pizza with frog and snake as toppings.

It's true. A pizzeria in Fort Myers, Florida, called Evan's Neighborhood Pizza has just unleashed their 'Everglades Pizza' which counts frog legs, pork and pythons as its toppings. Oh yeah. That's not all. The pizza also has something called swamp cabbage as a topping. Swamp. Cabbage.

How much would all of this cheesy, reptilian goodness set you back? A whopping $45. Maybe that's why the restaurant has only managed to sell 150 of these pies. Or maybe it's the swamp cabbage.


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