$100,000 Valentine's Day Dinner



Photo by: Nikolai Sorokin

Nikolai Sorokin

Hang on to your heart-shaped boxes, ladies and gents. Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. That means its time to buy the special people in our lives jewelry, chocolate and, of course, romantic dinners. Why spend a hundred or so bucks on said dinner when you can spend a thousand times that?

That's right. Here is a Valentine's Day meal that costs $100,000. British chef Adam Simmonds came up with the exorbitant menu and will even come to your house to prepare it. What does 15,000 hours of minimum wage work get you to eat nowadays? Almus white caviar, Natives South Sea oysters with pearls intact, endangered blue fin tuna (animals close to extinction taste better) and a whole lot more. To drink, there will be several bottles of extremely expensive wine. Also, one would assume you could get water if you needed it as well.

Also, in case you were wondering, the meal also features a harpist, a romantic poet and a dozen live white doves that will be released at some point during the evening. Ah, money.

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