Get Drunk in Love at a Beyonce-Themed Valentine's Day Dinner

So you want to impress the significant other in your life this Valentine's Day? You are going to have to take them out to a sumptuous dinner. You can settle on a regular candlelit meal with bozos playing violins next to the table or whatever or you can take it a step further. You can go for the full Beyonce.

An Italian restaurant in Brooklyn is presenting an entirely Beyonce-themed meal for Valentine's Day. As such, every single item on the menu will feature a reference to the child of destiny herself. Menu items include Drunk in Love Negroni short ribs, Blue Ivy blue potatoes and, of course, Jay-Ziti pasta. There are many more puns on the menu, which you can see here.

Who knows, maybe New York City's most famous power couple will even show up to slurp down some Oysters Rocafella or some Put a Ring On It calamari. Stranger things have happened.

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