Portland Creamery Churns Out Bone Marrow Ice Cream Flavor

This winter is so cold that hell might have quite literally frozen over, so let's talk about ice cream. Do you love ice cream so much that you are fine with whatever flavor in front of you? Cookie dough is one thing, but what about bone marrow?

Yeah. That's a thing. Portland creamery Salt & Straw has just rolled out their newest flavor, Bone Marrow & Bourbon Smoked Cherries. Guess what's in it? Bone marrow, oh and bourbon smoked cherries. It actually sounds kind of good, considering bone marrow is made almost exclusively out of fat. Speaking of fat, Salt & Straw's flavors are made with 17% butterfat, the highest amount allowed by ice cream law.

This isn't the first time the Portland manufacturer has dabbled in unique flavor combinations. In the past they have released varieties like Black Raspberries & Pork Belly, Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero and Melon & Prosciutto.

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