Comfort Fest: Kelsey's Decadent Grilled Cheese

By: Cameron Curtis
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Kelsey Nixon pays homage to late-night dining and decadent comfort food with this grilled cheese sandwich. You might be tempted to eat her Creamy Stovetop Bacon Mac and Cheese —filled with thick-cut smoked bacon, loads of sharp cheddar and shredded Muenster — all by itself. But even better is the super sandwich creation that incorporates this creamy dish.

Top slices of thick brioche with American cheese to act as your glue. Spoon the mac and cheese onto four pieces of bread before topping each with basil, spicy peppers, tomato slices and another slice of bread. In a nonstick skillet, add enough grated Parmesan to make a slab roughly the same area as one bread slice. Let the Parmesan begin to melt and brown, and as soon as it’s golden-brown, set one sandwich on top of the Parmesan. The Parmesan will adhere to the bread and create a nice, crispy crust as it cooks. Remove the sandwich from the skillet and repeat the same process for the other side and the remaining sandwiches.

You’ll be biting into the ultimate comfort food: a cheese-crusted sandwich filled with mac and cheese.

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