Enjoy a Gourmet Meal in a Submarine For Only $283,000

Aside from the occasional torpedo-based dogfight, the exciting world of deep-sea submarine travel is not one that ever really caught on with consumers. Maybe it's the close stifling living quarters or the fact that a single sub costs millions upon millions to build. Or maybe it's just a close proximity to sharks. Whatever the reason, that may be changing, providing you have an extremely deep wallet.

Introducing the classily named Mile-Low Club, a romantic submarine voyage for the super-rich foodie in your life. The submarine will take you and a loved one 650 feet below sea level. What's on the menu? You'll be noshing down on some oysters, caviar and chocolate fondant with “essence of pomegranate.” You can also get champagne and rose petals delivered to your suite for an additional price.

This nautical voyage can be yours for the low, low price of $283,000 (before the additional prices.)

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