Here is a Restaurant That Served Cat Food to People

Cats may look at their owners with a measure of disinterest, but that doesn't mean we don't love the heck out of those feisty fur-balls. Speaking of, just a few scant days ago was a holiday to honor said felines called Cat Day. Never heard of it? That's because it's only in Japan.

To honor this, um, claw-iday, the makers of popular cat food brand Mon Petit operated a pop-up restaurant for the cat obsessed. The waitstaff were dressed like cats, cat ears were given to each customer and there were even a series of digital games designed to turn people into, you guessed it, cats. On the menu? An array of cat food, of course. Don't worry. It only looked like the food your cat greedily ingests. It was actually created by a renowned French chef  Phillipe Batton to look exactly like cat food. It tasted like people food, although sometimes it's a fine line nowadays.

One can assume this purr-fect eatery will show up again next year, so you had better get your cat ears and plane tickets ready.

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