Kelis' Favorite Restaurants in the World


With all of my travels around the world, it’s hard to narrow down my favorite restaurants. I keep an ongoing list on my phone for reference, but these are the ones that instantly come to mind. In no particular order (because that would be cruel), here are my top-five restaurants in the world!

  • Animal (Los Angeles): Let’s start at home, where I live, in L.A. I love all meat and Animal’s menu lives up to its name.
  • The Lion (New York City): While visiting friends and family in NYC, I always make time for The Lion. This Greenwich Village hot spot boasts a back-to-basics menu served gourmet style. Who doesn’t love comfort food?!
  • Hawksmoor (London): A number of restaurants that I love are in London, but the best steaks are definitely found at the Hawksmoor. Any true carnivore will appreciate the choice variety of cuts and the classic steakhouse decor.
  • La Chapelle (London): La Chapelle features an incredible French-style sample menu where you can choose a few different plates and share. I mean, why not? The more the merrier! Don’t forget to end the meal with a petite coffee.
  • Ladurée (Paris): One of my absolute favorite stops in Paris is Ladurée, a luxury bakery that serves absolutely to-die-for macaroons. Who doesn’t like a bite of heaven?!?

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