Military Researchers Create Pizza That Stays Fresh For Three Years

If you've ever been to college, you know that pizza left out all night is still fairly edible the next morning (so long as you are hung over.) The day after that? Not a chance. Pizza isn't like raw spaghetti or powdered milk. It has a pretty low shelf life. That's just one of those sad facts of life. Or is it? Science has a few words to say about that.

Military researchers have gone and done it. They've created pizza that stays fresh for a full three years. Why, that's over a thousand hung over mornings. These slices of long-lasting goodness don't need to be refrigerated or frozen, just sealed in the bag they come in. The secret is a reduction in mold-causing moisture across the various layers, so don't just shove a Domino's slice in a plastic zip bag and call it a day. You'll end up very, very sick.

These sturdy pizzas were created to be used by soldiers as field rations, which means they would also be perfect for the impending zombie apocalypse.

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